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“The spine is the core of the human
skeleton and the central nervous system.

A healthy spine is the foundation for a healthy life. HealthOne has
worked hard to develop advanced thermal massage apparatus focusing on
spine health, which is an extension of the central nervous system.

Cervical Vertebral

  • Head

    C1 Vertebrae affects blood supply to the head, pituitary bland, scalp, facial bones, brain, inner and middle ears

  • Eyes

    C2 Vertebrae affects the eyes, optic nerve, auditory nerve, vein, tongue, forehead, etc.

  • Teeth

    C3 Vertebrae affects cheeks, outer ears, facial bones, teeth, etc.

  • Nose

    C4 Vertebrae affects nose, lips, mouth, ears

  • Vocal Cords

    C5 Vertebrae affects vocal cords, pharynx, etc.

  • Neck

    C6 Vertebrae affects neck muscles, shoulders, tonsils, etc.

  • Shoulders

    C7 Vertebrae affects the thyroid gland, shoulder bursa, elbow, etc.

Lumbar Vertebrae

  • Hands

    T1 Vertebrae affects lower arms, fingers, trachea, esophagus

  • Heart

    T2 Vertebrae affects the heart and coronary arteries

  • Lungs

    T3 Vertebrae affects lungs, chest, breast

  • Gall Bladders

    T4 Vertebrae affects gall bladders

  • Liver

    T5 Vertebrae affects liver, blood circulation, solar plexus

  • Stomach

    T6 Vertebrae affects stomach

  • Pancreas

    T7 Vertebrae affects pancreas, duodenum

  • Spleen

    T8 Vertebrae affects spleen

  • Adrenal Glands

    T9 affects adrenal glands

  • Kidneys

    T10 Vertebrae affects kidneys

  • Ureters

    T11 Vertebrae affects ureters

  • Small Intestines

    T12 Vertebrae affects small intestines, lymph circulation


  • Large Intestine

    L1 Vertebrae affects large intestines, inguinal region

  • Abdomen

    L2 Vertebrae affects abdomen, appendix, upper legs

  • Sex Organs

    L3 affects bladder, sex organs, knees

  • Prostate Gland

    L4 Vertebrae affects prostate gland, muscles in the lower back and the sciatic nerves

  • Feet

    L5 Vertebrae affects lower legs, ankles, feet


  • Buttocks

    Sacrum affects hip bones, buttocks


  • Anus

    Coccyx affects rectum, anus